# About func

# What is func

func is a modern command line framework that is lighter and more elegant compared with other products, with more scaffolding support and an excellent developer experience at the same time.

func is realized by using TypeScript, which is easier to maintain and extend. Due to type support, you can get almost all the grammar tips. But don't worry, it's not complicated. Only one command is required from development to packaging.

You can create a project in seconds with Quick-start Guide.

# Function of Unique Features

  • Volume of very small packaging ≈ 7kb

  • Elegant grammar and without any thinking burden

  • Very few dependence, maximum optimized running speed and npm download time

  • Support template.

# Why func ?

For the func, using the decorator's metadata to help command define is a very lightweight choice actually, when most of the codes will not be brought into the running after the build, it also provides a very good development experience (such as tips, classes, item design, etc.).

If you have any items that need to be rebuilt or started with a new item from the very beginning, then func is a very good choice, making the command-line tool built in a happy and simple manner with rich spirituality.

# About Future

func will also have version iterations, but I will carefully consider and judge Feature to make sure it doesn't become a burden for everyone. Prior to the updates of all Feature, a Feature Request are created in the Issue area of an item. Of course, you can also come up with your own ideas.