Quick-start Guide

Create Project

The func provides the installation script and the default template of an item. If you want to create an item, you only need one command to complete it:

npm init func


require your npm of version > 6.1.0 。

Rapid Development

After entering the item just initialized, you can see the following item structure:

    |--index.ts         // entry

You can start development by running the following commands:

npm i && npm start

So far, all the preparations have been completed, you can browse the examples in commands / options, try to modify them and make your commands run to see how it goes.

Someone may wonder what is my command? In fact, it is the name of your folder. You can notice that there is the item of bin in package.json, which is used to define your command. The default is your item name (assigned when the template was initialized). Certainly, you can modify it at any time, only if you don't forget to run npm start once for initialization after it's modified.


If you use the template to create an item, you only need to execute one command to package the item:

npm build

It is very simple, isn't it? Run npm build, then you can get a packaged file, and also the bin is well-handled for you. Without necessarily considering anything, try publishing it directly.


After build is run, the item will point to production. If you need to return to the mode of development, still run npm start.


You can learn more techniques of publishing with reference to How to publish documents, but now we don't have to care too much, try publishing your package directly on NPM with npm publish!